Accessible Tourism

Bhutan is a Buddhist society whose principal tenet is compassion and tolerance. In keeping with this belief, Zhidey Tours and Treks is the country’s first tour company to launch Accessible Tourism, providing an opportunity for those with physical challenges to explore Bhutan. Under this initiative, those with disabilities and access needs, including the elderly, are handled with the care and attention that they deserve. Travel itinerary are customized or specially prepared, hotels and restaurants vetted beforehand, convenient transports and medical assistance arranged in advance, to name a few.
All we request our clients, while making bookings or reservations with us, is to describe their disability as clearly as possible in order that we are able to determine safety and ensure a comfortable journey. In gist, we strive to fulfill the aspirations of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: that governments, tourism boards, and stakeholders take measures to make tourism easier for people with special needs.