About us

Zhidey Bhutan

Established in 2000, Zhidey Bhutan Tours is one of Bhutan’s oldest tour companies having built its credentials over years of interactions with travelers from all over the world. We are fully equipped in terms of man-power, facilities for ground operations and, most of all, expertise, experience and skills which are critical in tourism business.

Our ground staff – tour guides, marketing, administration and finance personnel, etc. – have been with the company for years, even during the dark days of the Covid-19 pandemic, and believe in our collective values to enrich the experiences of our guests, strengthen our company and contribute to our society with integrity and professionalism.


See the Bhutan through our eyes as you travel with Zhidey Bhutan. Our trips have each been individually designed to immerse you in the heart of the places and cultures you visit.

Our experts

Operated by a experienced team and a group of dedicated partners spanning the globe, Zhidey Bhutan Tours & Treks has designs and guides meticulously tailored journeys. The company has been orchestrating adventure packages, encompassing tours, trekking, and expeditions across diverse regions of this Himalayan realm, catering to guests from around the world.

Daily responsibilities

Body: we ensure that our guests are taken care of in the best manner possible so that their stay is enriching and memorable.

Speech: we are honest and transparent in our interactions with our guests, to show exactly who we are, and in so doing earn their trust and confidence.

Mind: we believe that good intention is at the core of any successful human endeavor.

Mission & Vision

Curate transformative, authentic journeys in Bhutan that connect travelers with its heart and soul, while preserving its natural and cultural heritage responsibly.

Lead as the premier provider of authentic, excellent, and sustainable travel experiences in Bhutan. Guide through captivating landscapes, inspiring mindful travelers, and leaving a profound legacy.

OUr Founding Members

Founder & CEO

A seasoned professional, Jurmey Tshewang, 52, is the owner, founder and managing director of Zhidhey Bhutan Tours. He has been in Bhutan’s tourism industry for over 30 years, having played a key role in the industry’s dramatic transformation over the years. Fluent in English and Japanese, he has frequented travel fairs, expos and markets, picking up valuable experiences and building goodwill all over the world. Every guest who visits Bhutan through his company is accorded hospitality deserving of any who aspires to make the Bhutan sojourn an experience of a lifetime.


Kaoru Aoki, one of the co-founders of Zhidey Bhutan is a true expert in Japanese and Bhutanese tours. With a profound passion for cultural exploration and a deep understanding of these captivating destinations, our founder has dedicated their life to crafting unforgettable travel experiences. Her expertise in Bhutanese culture and history is unparalleled. She has diligently studied the intricacies of Bhutanese traditions, ensuring that every tour they curate immerses travelers in the richness of this enchanting country.

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With our founders as your guide, you can trust that every detail of your Bhutanese tour will be meticulously planned. Their dedication to providing personalized itineraries, authentic experiences, and exceptional customer service ensures that your journey will be filled with magical moments and lasting memories. So, let us embark on an adventure together, and allow our founders to unlock the treasures of Bhutan for you.